Kirchner appeals to Pope Francis for help. Pope says “I’m not a psychiatrist”



The Mad Cow of Buenos Aires and Cristina Kirchner

The Mad Cow of Buenos Aires has with her typical crass stupidity and vulgarity already attempted to engage the new Pope in her monomaniac mission to regain the “Malvinas”, then her people might

    love her! Like Eva Peron!

, like that was more important to him than the poor people of the world. Like it is all about HER and not HIM.

“Pope Francis tells Vatican to prepare for change”


“Pope Francis tells Vatican to prepare for change,” read Ernst from his Telegraph. “Pope Francis has put the Vatican hierarchy on notice of sweeping changes as he prepares this week to study a secret report into skulduggery and intrigue within the Church’s dysfunctional governing body. The Vatileaks scandal of last year, in which Benedict XVI’s butler was caught stealing and leaking documents to the press, revealed infighting, nepotism and alleged corruption within the Curia, governing body.
On Saturday, the Pope ruled that senior administrators in the Vatican bureaucracy will temporarily keep their posts while he studies what changes may be required.
Hopes for sweeping reforms of the Curia were bolstered by the language of an announcement that its members would “provisionally stay in their respective posts until it is decided otherwise”.”

“New blow to Berlusconi’s hopes of political comeback”

There was further humiliation for Mr Berlusconi when he turned up to vote in the election for the speakers on Saturday.
Protesters jeered and whistled as he entered parliament, shouting “Buffone!” (“Clown!”).
He yelled back: “You should be ashamed, you are poor, ignorant fools.””