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Strauss-Kahn ‘took woman to an orgy on first date’


“Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund, took a young secretary on a date to an orgy at a swingers’ club, it has been claimed,” read Ernst from his Telegraph. “The 29-year-old woman has told of her “shock” after the one-time French presidential hopeful, 64, expected her to indulge in group sex only an hour after they met. The unnamed secretary was working at France’s RMC radio station when Mr Strauss-Kahn arrived for an interview. He asked her for her phone number, then rang several days later to ask her out. She told a Belgian news website: “We’d barely known each other for an hour when we went out and hadn’t even discussed any kind of intimate relations. I was very surprised indeed when he took me to a place like that.” The woman refused to divulge any details of what happened in the Paris sex club, but added: “I refused to see him again afterwards.” Mr Strauss-Kahn, however, reportedly bombarded her with messages until she finally agreed to a second date three years later. “That time I agreed to sleep with him in the hope he could find me an interesting job,” she claimed. But instead, he introduced her to the bosses of a global group sex network, she alleged. She added, wistfully: “After that, I never saw him again.””