I discover sunset is now 1841!

I discover sunset is now 1841! Sun goes down before I even leave the house now! Easier to go up the road then. Tomorrow is 1st October can you believe. The witching months are here. This is usually when London came to life for me, but there is nowhere left. Back in my 90s fin de siecle Soho golden age, I had Carnival Strip, Sunset Strip under Fred Bass, 6 girls on day and 6 girls on night, curtain squeaked open, curtain squeaked close, Astral Cinema, Boulevard Strip, Soho Cinema, Sunset Cinema. All gone. I would not bother with the monstrosity Sunset Strip has become now. So it is we must travel, to old Europe. Where sex and smut and naughtiness is still allowed to flourish, not as much as it was ten years ago for sure, but it still flourishes a bit. One can certainly have a titillating time, and that is what I seek more than anything, titillation. Smuttiness and titillation. Not sterile puritanical wasteland that London has become.

Worst night ever for infection and this morning. Riddled with it

Worst night ever for infection and this morning. Riddled with it. Will have to make decision soon whether to abandon this trip to Vienna in 7 days, however much money it costs me. By 1758 there is SLIGHT improvement.

I did actually enjoy the late train into Charing Cross

I did actually enjoy the late train into Charing Cross, and 3 pints. With little bit of drink in me it only takes one pair of beautiful buttocks, or beautiful breasts, and beautiful face to set me on fire, and make me hungry. Went to ——– after all, and got my Deutsche Bahn tickets printed, then stayed in —- with —— and ——- looking amazing in gold Danae dress. Keep forgetting how awesomely big her thighs and arse look when close up. She looked pensive, hurt, kept her distance at first.

The Brussels and Munich hotels is a bit of a nightmare

The Brussels and Munich hotels is a bit of a nightmare. Max could have been had for £51 each day but now is up at Ibis levels. Stupid, should have booked that at start along with Dorint. Regent and Ibis prices are good same day but I am arriving so early and won’t have internet access anyway. I am going to end up paying a fortune for Max and Regent it seems. I COULD arrive in Munich both days and put bag in locker at station, and then enjoy Rechthaler Hof hospitality but I am not going to have my laptop with me that is the problem. This is going to be a very expensive trip indeed I think. And I don’t even have a credit card to book them with. Egg maxed out, Nationwide maxed out, Capital doesn’t work, Tesco expired. In future I will always stay at the Max then, unless by some miracle Ibis is cheaper, and book Max well in advance at same time as the Eurostar.