So this 7 day Grand Tour. Actually an amazing trip though I did not make the most of the opportunities

So this 7 day Grand Tour. Actually an amazing trip, though I did not make the most of the opportunities, but I think mostly that IS because of the lingering struggle I had trying to cover my infected ——. I would have been more rampant without that preying on my mind all the time. In time though this will come to seem an amazing voyage, of discoveries; the huge voluptuous Dominican Republic Lucy, the black Brazilian girl from before, Inna as always those eye contacts and looking away; wanted to —- all three of them. In WSK the amazing discovery of sexy black haired Jackie, and glad to say I —-ed her almost straightaway. In Manhattan amazing stunning new blonde Adelina, as well as Melissa and Andra from before; l wanted to —- all three of them. Now this just makes me want to go back as soon as possible to do what I did not do this time. Really an amazing trip, when usually I never meet anyone to turn me on at all. Oh and forgetting to mention the black ponytail Paola in the Brussels street. So much encouraging arousal, and I never even got to Rue d’Aerschot!!! And non stop fantastic films in WSK and Fortuna Kino both Friday and Saturday, constant fantastic high quality ———–. Fantastc videokabins in Munich Sexyland, and even Burggasse Peep was not bad. And a music channel back on the Dorint TV!!! A really good trip actually. If ONLY I can get this infection cleared up. November 21/22 is the big target.

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