So an eventful day yesterday

So an eventful day yesterday. Two good films in the Ciné Paris, a couple of beers in Le Coin, most of the girls I recognised from before but no one spectacular. Walked all the way back to Ciné Paris on the way to 5th Avenue. Beatrice in the street with black hair, looking sexy. Had a good time in Fifth, flirting heavily with little Emily from Bulgaria and Betty from Brazil. Then a Brussels Grill steak which disappointed me. I used to rave about Brussels Grill as being the best I had ever known but it really disappointed me yesterday. The salad was nothing but a ton of lettuce. Nothing to compare with the gorgeous salad you get at Café West End in Vienna. Not sure if I will return to Brussels Grill. Then to bed, and waking after 9pm, I forced myself to go out again only because it was Guy Fawkes Night. Back to Ciné Paris for the same films I saw earlier, then walked up to Gare du Nord. The great kabin films in Sexyworld, a little brief visit to the peep show in Paradise, one beer in Fiesta Café, another beer in the next café along. Nothing spectacular in the windows, but just generally all beautiful. It is amazing the beauty of these window girls. They really are ALL top drawer. At last moment arriving back at my hotel I decide to carry on to Empire, and I was rewarded. I have talked it down for a long time but tonight there were two real stars there. The Indian-looking Hungarian with the most amazing bosoms, and a black ponytail girl with beautiful bottom, who sadly never came near me. One girl quoted me 60 euros for private dance or 150 euros for private half hour upstairs. The Indian charges more, 150 for private half hour downstairs, or 200 for half hour upstairs, but whatever happens it is only topless. I waited all night for black hair girl to dance, hoping she would then come and dance at my seat for 5 euros like they all do, but after dancing for someone else she just put her clothes on and sat down. I was disappointed. I would have given her a lot of money probably. Wonderful arousal everywhere I went, however. I judge a city by its carnality, and Brussels these days is feeling very carnal indeed. Empire has suddenly come back into play. 5th Avenue is rising back towards its former glory. Ciné Paris had two great films. Rue d’Aerschot is enjoyable as ever.


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