So Saturday in Vienna

So Saturday in Vienna. I will try Fortuna, then try to rebook my Monday train to Brussels for Sunday. That will give me Sunday night and Monday night in Brussels. If I cannot change my ticket to Sunday, I will try to stay in Brussels Tuesday night as well, and pay for a new Eurostar ticket for Wednesday. Though what kind of Brussels will I be staying in?? I see pictures of three army trucks outside O’Reilly’s! If Sunday is my last night in Vienna, I will try Exzess up the top of the Gurtel, before finishing for a last night cap in Manhattan. If everything in Brussels is going to be closed, is there any point going back to Brussels a day early or staying one day more? On my arrival in Brussels there were two black soldiers with machine guns on guard outside the Eurostar terminal. Well, if the metro’s not running how will the Fifth Avenue girls get to work? As always all I can think about is my own sexual pleasure.

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