So with great effort I FORCED myself to go out last night

So with great effort I FORCED myself to go out last night. Forced myself to drink the 6 bottles of Gösser in my minibar then got the half past midnight metro up to Nussdorfer Straβe and I tried the Club Exzess I had heard about. Small, and packed with men, which was good to see. Maybe 10 men which was enough to pack the place. 5 or 6 girls, who took it in turns to dance topless on stage. Probably the busiest club I have been to in the Gurtel, and the first I have seen with constant topless dancing. Though why they will f–k you but will not take their knickers off is something I do not understand. Same for Belgium, Germany, everywhere I’ve been. Baffling. How lucky we are in London that full strip is the normal. The metro runs all night on Fridays and Saturdays, but only at 15 minute intervals and it was my luck every station I entered I had just missed one, so I ended up walking back from Exzess. I stopped off in Bar Josephine for one beer (8 euros), 5 girls, no dancing, 1 customer. Picked up a metro at Michelbeuern AKH to Westbahnhof and went for late nightcap in Manhattan. Adelina and black girl were at table with two gentlemen, bottle of champagne, and Adelina was very drunk it seemed. Just watching her walk to & from the jukebox in black bra & knickers was quite intoxicating, so I hung around till she was free, then bought her a drink. If in 2003 I thought Riccarda in Berlin was the most beautiful girl I had ever slept with (in a night club), and then Maria in Pour Platin in Vienna in 2005, then I would say Adelina in Manhattan has just raised the bar. She was very drunk, gabbling at me in Romanian the whole time, but I was too drunk myself to feel anything, but a very good experience. Suddenly I was glad I had forced myself to come out. I had been thinking I will not come back to Vienna again, or not for a very long time, but Adelina has rescued things.


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