0515 on the train out of Vienna

0515 on the train out of Vienna. Heading to Salzburg where I have just 8 minutes to change platforms to catch the train to Munich, which doesn’t seem enough. Then from Munich to Frankfurt (hopefully on the high speed line this time), and then the final leg of the journey into Brussels. Instead of getting off at Gare du Nord and walking down to my Max Hotel, I was thinking to carry on to Gare du Midi and buying a Eurostar ticket home tonight but at a cost of £133 I may think again. The metro is still suspended so I will have to get a taxi back to Midi tomorrow morning, or walk. The roads will probably be gridlocked with everyone being forced into their cars. I would have loved to have gone back to Manhattan Sunday night, to look for Adelina, but I didn’t want to drink before a 5am check out. In the end Sunday I did nothing but drink in the hotel then go out for a Café West End steak. That was it. Slept all evening and then from midnight to 4am alarm I was just tossing & turning, too tense to sleep.

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