So I wait for my Brussels Grill

So I wait for my Brussels Grill. No bread or butter this time? Inna looked magnificent but I wasn’t turned on this time to even try. I need a Lucy (not there) or Betty or Bulgarian to turn me on enough to even try anything with Inna. Now I am hungry. I will maybe finish with a nightcap in Empire if it is open but that will be it. I have proved a point. I have overcome my very strong fear and hung around in Brussels, out on the streets. I haven’t felt this scared since the morning after those two men beheaded the soldier in Woolwich; but then nothing else happened the next day or the day after and slowly courage returns. The terrorists need to do it every day, day after day. I don’t want to speak too soon. But Cine Paris, and the street girls, and Fifth Avenue being open give me courage and makes me feel better. Brussels Grill playing a slow, jazzy, sexy Pink Panther theme tune now.


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