Christ those Sony headphones in lost property are perfect!!!!

Christ those Sony headphones in lost property are perfect!!!! They look great and sound even better!!!! Wish I could just take those!!! I really enjoy drinking and losing myself in the drink, love pornography and getting my cock out in a porn cinema, the sordid, illicit thrills, Beatrice and Bruna and Bridget in the street, Lucy or black woman in Fifth. Of course I will go back to Brussels within the next couple of weeks. JUST going to Brussels will after all save money on those trains to Vienna or Berlin. That is after all another £150 I have saved to spend in Brussels instead. And stops a whole wasted 12 hours to get there, and 12 hours to get back. And the WSK and Fortuna films were all uniformly awful again. ML Revue kabins unusable. Burggasse such a pain to walk to so won’t bother again and kabins not much use. So no, once a year quite enough for Vienna, then I can do the museums as well on that one visit. The music I liked best on my Eurostar home, feeling glad to be alive, was the Les Lesbos Vampyros and 70s funk stuff, so download more of that. Spend more time in ——–.

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