So another expensive day off, over £100 again

So another expensive day off, over £100 again. Star Wars IMAX was going to be packed, even at 930! So I went to Odeon West End 2D screening in much bigger cinema so I could sit almost on my own at back, for £20! First half hour superb, after that tiresome crap, but Daisy Ridley quite mesmerising. But ultimately the film was crap, came out and walked to Fopp for 2 DVDs for mother, then to Moggs for three pints, but then I felt so so uninvolved and uninspired in ——. No Ruby, just Lucy and Charlie and Helen. I got there about 330 and it was so hard to force myself to hang around till 6 for ——, and then a very sexy curvy Romanian Madalena. Had private dance with ——, grinding her arse repeatedly against my bulging crotch, letting me put her breasts in my mouth and suck her nipples, lying back on floor legs split wide while she rubbed my cock with her bare foot. Fantastic. I will repeat. Monday or Tuesday for sure. Worth the money.

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