A day of rather amazing chance events

A day of rather amazing chance events. Going up the station approach I was overtaken by a gorgeous brunette in short leather jacket and skin tight thin black/dark grey jeans, and she cut to my side of the road to walk up my side in front of me, and it looked like she had no knickers because her buttocks were BOUNCING in front of me. One of the most incredible sights ever. A couple of times she glanced over her shoulder to see if I was following her and watching. Sensational.
I then walked into the Victoria Station Beer House and they were playing Galvanise!!! I stood at bar nearest door watching all the gorgeous girls passing, for 3 pints. Then got No.38 to Molly Moggs and who was behind the bar but —–! Blonde now. Another 3 pints. Funny thing I gave her a tenner for my 3rd pint and she then gave me £11 change. I wonder if she did it on purpose to test my honesty. Of course I called her back and she gave me a fiver instead of a ten.
I then walked to —— and found it closed. Stupidly I had not even thought to check that before I left home. I just turned around and came home.
I will certainly enjoy returning to Victoria Beer House again. The people watching is vastly better than the Charing X one. And with No.38 bus stop outside just as easy to get to Soho as from Charing X. I popped down the 52 Greek Street steps to check for Natasha but it was a skinny black-haired girl called Mia, perhaps the 8 Greek Mia I don’t know, but she said no, before slamming door behind me.

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