So 1915 New Year’s Eve

So 1915 New Year’s Eve. Another hour or so to go then looks like I will have to walk all the way back to Green Park to pick up a bus to Victoria.
The new headphones are rubbish, and don’t look AT ALL as sexy as the ones I tried on from lost property, despite supposedly being the same make. They do not look the same at all. As bulky as the Tinchy Stryder ones (and quite frankly as a really white man I felt ridiculous sitting there with Tinchy Stryder headphones on), and they do not block ANY noise from outside. I put my little ones back in and the sound was instantly louder and stronger. Waste of money. And too bulky to take on holiday as well.
So New Year’s Eve. 13 days till Brussels. But what to do Monday & Tuesday? Victoria Beer House and try Zara or Mary perhaps. Nothing else.

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