A cold grey damp Brussels morning 1030am

A cold, grey, damp Brussels morning 1030am. My first Jupiler of the day. An uneventful first day in Brussels. Walking towards Café Jimmy, I saw three girls on the opposite corner out of the corner of my eye and knew one of them must surely be Beatrice, but when I drew level and looked across, she was not there. Entering Jimmy though, there at the fruit machine, her back to me was Beatrice. I had forgotten what a lovely huge bottom she has. Grey soft trousers so tight over that big bum, black knee-high boots, that white short coat and black ringlet hair. I sat down with my drink and I’m not sure she even saw me before she wandered out again. But that bottom was my first (and last) intoxicating sight of the day. Walking on to the Diamant all the street girls I saw were on the old side i.e. same age as me or older. I began to get a bad feeling about this trip. Just one in the Diamant; the beer was not going down at all easily. On to 5th Avenue and no Ina and no Lucy. Paloma was there but that was it of any note. I hung on to 5ish then gave up. A Brussels Grill steak then back to hotel and a long long sleep till this morning.

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