The little back streets of Brussels are SO beautiful

The little back streets of Brussels are SO beautiful. London has a higgledy-piggledy collection of lanes and alleyways but they are rarely as beautiful as the maze-like little back streets of Brussels, all around the Grand Place, Bourse, opera. Charming charming bars, restaurants, everything else. A pleasure just to meander around these lanes. I rarely find the place I was looking for but enjoy somewhere else instead. Looking for Six Nations Irish pub I find Churchill’s ENGLISH pub. A Scouse-run pub I would guess, by his accent, and he kindly directed me on to the 6 Nations afterwards. Two more brown cap soldiers walking past the 6 Nations. 2,40 for a small Maes in here, 4,60 for a pint. Obviously no bar I’ve ever been in compares with the Celtica’s 1 euro for a small beer and 2 euros for a pint. Incredibly it’s quarter past 1 and I still don’t feel hungry. That burger & chips late last night must have filled me up.


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