1257. Still on my first beer of the day

1257. Still on my first beer of the day. Still 90 minutes till Fifth Avenue opens even. Christ, just nothing at all I want to do. The infection looks bit better today but still too soon for sex, so that is depressing everything. Impossible to get into a rampant frame of mind with this. So my verdict on Berlin? I will give it another try in Summer. The bitter cold dissuaded me from doing a lot of things, but also there just weren’t any quality floozies to do anything with anyway. Maybe in Summer there will be a bit more quality around. Encouraged by the kabins of Erotic Point but discouraged that the Plaza hotel food has got worse, and I still search in vain for anywhere I really love to eat in Berlin. And with each failure I am discouraged from trying anywhere else, and just tend to stick to rolls or McDonald’s. Today at least let me enjoy my food and drink, even if there is nothing naughty for me. Vienna, of course, now starts to shine brightly on my horizon, but that is an expensive journey so that will have to wait till the month after next I think.

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