Oh it is going to be so dangerous going back to Brussels nowadays

Oh it is going to be so dangerous going back to Brussels nowadays. Gare du Midi is the biggest danger point for me, wide open, anyone can come in with half a dozen suitcase bombs, absolutely nothing to stop them. Even queuing for taxi seems a danger point. Feel OK rest of time in Cine Paris, 5th, Gare du Nord (and that is all isn’t it). Another reason to only pass through Brussels for a one night stopover now, after I already realised I had passed Peak Brussels and not much left. Erotic Film Society tells me two people told him Cine Paris is closing soon. That would be another nail in Brussels coffin. But I still have to pass through to get trains on to Berlin or Vienna. And those ICEs are so vulnerable as well.
Oh those innocent days of 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.
What is to stop them putting a suitcase bomb in middle of those tables where the big zebra is sitting? They need scanner and bag searches at entrance to the station as well. Could be a bomb every night at Nord and Midi. Travel outside of rush hour. That is one precaution. Exit the station straight from Eurostar, don’t hang around buying a roll. Taxi or walk up to Max.


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