With my usual madness after my Boston Steak I crossed over and got a Domino’s Pizza to take back to the hotel. I didn’t manage to finish it I’m pleased to say

With my usual madness, after my Boston Steak I crossed over and got a Domino’s Pizza to take back to the hotel. I didn’t manage to finish it, I’m pleased to say. Then, incredibly, I decided to go straight back out again! It was after 10pm now and I thought I’d catch the end of the Cine Paris show, and to my amazement the films really turned me on. I say to my amazement, but actually these late night returns when I’m feeling woozy and half asleep usually are the sexiest. I’m in no hurry to rush anywhere else, so I can just sink down in the dark and enjoy the films, half-dozing. When the lights came on and the manager turned me out, I “adjusted my dress” and headed down to Empire and amazingly the girls really turned me on. Yes, it is a travesty, a strip club where the girls don’t take their knickers off (even in private dance) but with their skimpy knickers they look naked enough and I found I enjoyed the show a lot. I think —————– put me in such an energised mood I was able to enjoy everything. Or maybe it was just being back in Brussels after disappointing trips to Vienna and Berlin, making me realise I should enjoy Brussels, as the grass is not greener on the other (German & Austrian) side. And I have to say that Indian-Hungarian Jennifer is one of the sexiest strippers I have ever seen in my life, topless only or not. She has the most incredible figure. Unfortunately all the girls seem to avoid asking me if I want a 5 euro dance at my chair after stepping off stage; perhaps because of too many refusals in the past, which was incredibly frustrating because I was in the mood to splash my cash on them for a change. The only girls who asked me were the ones I didn’t fancy, the 2 or 3 I did fancy asked the men to my left and to my right and steadfastly ignored ME! So frustrating!

empire strip club brussels

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