Feeling quite depressed but trying to force myself to spark to life I came back to Cine Paris

Feeling quite depressed, but trying to force myself to spark to life, I came back to Cine Paris. Films were OK actually, but downstairs I was treated to a live show! Some curvy blonde woman was fucking some young Moroccan boy on the sofa under the screen itself, while the tubby husband (?) watched with pleasure. One or two other men were standing close by with their members out, and I moved in to stroke her beautiful naked voluptuous arse under her raised black negligee top—but her husband shooed me away. I think they are obviously swingers—the woman was really enjoying it, she seemed lost in the delirious abandon of her fucking—but I think there might be money involved too. People who wanted to partake had to pay for the privilege, I suspect. She then leant over the Moroccan boy (wearing a T-shirt only, his trousers & underwear nowhere to be seen) and proceeded to suck him off (uncovered). Amazing scenes! Of depravity! Filth!! And quite a good film on screen as well—was that Anna Polina?—but you know what, I still couldn’t feel sexy. Yes I had a full erection, but an erection in name only if you know what I mean. That is to say yes I had a full erection, of iron hard magnificence, but I didn’t feel any sexiness in my head. Still had no desire to put my erection INTO anything. It was a real lifeless erection.

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