The Max on Tuesday night is £38.50 (plus another £25 Snap ticket Wednesday of course)

The Max on Tuesday night is £38.50 (plus another £25 Snap ticket Wednesday of course). The coach Saturday morning 930am arriving 530pm is just £25. But seven hour journey! A seven hour journey just to rush to Fifth Avenue and not fancy any of the girls, then go to Empire? Might as well get the late Eurostar and just go to Empire and do 5th on my next two chances Sunday and Monday. Take it as it comes. I would rather stay the Tuesday night. I wonder how late I can decide to take the Snap ticket Wednesday? When does this window close? BEFORE the 1st surely. Well, do you know what, I don’t even need to make that decision now. Leave it till Monday in Brussels and see how the land lies; I might be really happy to come home. The great thing is I DO have the option of extending my stay as I am not back at work till the Saturday. So I can stay the Tuesday night if I want, and the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday! Though where would I get the money??! Just go Saturday night late, enjoy two leisurely days Sunday and Monday and then see how I feel Monday night. I wonder if I COULD just book the Snap ticket for Wednesday afternoon right now whether I use it or not? All depends if the Snap window stays open after 1st November or not. Surely not, otherwise everyone would buy Snap on the day wouldn’t  they. They would NEVER sell a ticket at full price. Good to see the Max prices HAVE tumbled close to the day. I cannot afford to stay longer in Brussels, because I have got Munich and Vienna and Frankfurt coming up in December. Save money for that. Go to that Machine bar in Brussels.

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