So 5th Avenue had Inna the star as always

So 5th Avenue had Inna, the star as always, Brazilian Aisha I always like to look at, the black bob Eastern European who is a bit too thin for my taste, and another long dark-haired girl was OK, but that was it. No competition for Inna for sure, though she claimed I was her first customer of the day. She says she lives in a flat by the ——. A bright blue-skied Sunday midday in Brussels. Wish it was dark & stormy & rainy as always. My soul soars and spirit flies when it is dark & stormy & rainy. Feel meek and self conscious when it is fine & blue-skied & sunny. The weather affects me greatly. Are other people like this? I mean, I know normal people feel really happy when it is bright & sunny, but I am the opposite. I am happy when it is dark & raining. Thunder? Oh! My dream.



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