It was dark then after 9pm and I headed up to Gare du Nord with no enthusiasm. Still feeling completely sexless

It was dark then, after 9pm, and I headed up to Gare du Nord, with no enthusiasm. Still feeling completely sexless. Spent about 10 minutes in the Sexyworld kabins, again a full erection but again no sexual arousal in my brain. Normally the kabins will turn me on so much I want to rush out and do something with one of the window girls, but now I felt no desire for it. I walked up as far as Fiesta Café only (about one quarter of the Rue d’Aerschot only? Perhaps less); surprised how few windows were open actually. Turned back and had 2 small beers in La Derniere Minute café, mainly because the barmaid looked cute and she had the most amazing hair, braids, and devil’s horn buns and all sorts, really lovely—must have taken HOURS to get her hair like that! Watched a bit of Liverpool’s pre-season game on the TV screen then came back; all I could think of was a burger in the burger bar beside my hotel, so rushed back for that and then bed. A cheap first evening in Brussels, but rather sad that I felt so completely unaroused the whole time. Hope I can feel SOME sexiness on this trip.

Judging by one of the posters on the wall I would guess Diamant is a Bulgarian bar as well

Judging by one of the posters on the wall, I would guess Diamant is a Bulgarian bar as well; the bar manageress is a black-haired lady; and two of the whores sitting at the table outside look like black-haired Bulgarians as well. I think black hair is a very striking characteristic of Bulgarian women: Emily and her “mother” in Fifth Avenue have got black hair, as does my friend Beatrice in the street. Whores of Brussels are so comfortably aligned with the other people of Brussels, men, women, children, with no problem whatsoever; you wonder why other cities are so scared of them. Is the barmaid’s name really Alice? One of the whores just called her that I’m sure. Brussels is so at ease with their prostitutes (to an outsider’s innocent eye), it is such a nice relaxing environment. Christ, sex is the most natural pleasurable thing in life; it SHOULD be relaxed!