Yes so the “northern route” to Berlin I think is over for me. I see no reason to ever go back there now Stuttgarter Platz’s golden age is over

Yes, so, the “northern route” to Berlin I think is over for me. I see no reason to ever go back there, now Stuttgarter Platz’s golden age is over. So the only route that remains is the “southern route”—Brussels to Munich to Vienna. Second beer gone. 925pm. I expect nothing from Intime or the Reves or the Livourne places, except real rip off expensive hostess bars, a fortune just to buy a girl a drink. Another reason why Fifth Avenue is so wonderful (despite the sad dearth of quality girls); if you want to buy a girl a drink it is normal prices, same for them as for you. Munich died for me when they put private dances up from 25 euros to 50 euros, whenever that happened. And it is funny how it is uniform across every club you go to—in every club it was 25, now in every club it’s 50. It is almost like the city government sets the price for private dances—is that the case? Part of the licencing stipulations (stripulations)? If one club was allowed to undercut the others they would do roaring trade but they do not. One can only presume they are not allowed to. A far cry from the glory days back in 2003, 2004, when Patricia let me get my man out and put some kitchen roll over her breasts to catch the result. Don’t think that kind of thing would happen now. The emasculation-sterilisation-castration of old male Europe continues. The human race will die out eventually; that is the end result of damming up men’s juices in this way. Kind of like where they burn books they will eventually burn people. Where they ban masturbation/pornography/stripclubs they will ban sex. Then the feminazis and the Islamists will be happy. For god’s sake Europe, stand up for your old Priapic rights! One fears it is too late, the tide is already irreversible.

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Stuttgarter Platz has been reduced to 10% of what it was if you want to talk of quantity of clubs

Stuttgarter Platz has been reduced to 10% of what it was, if you want to talk of quantity of clubs. But if you want to factor in the QUALITY of the remaining floozies, just 1% of what it was—back in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006. Thus the ice retreats, further and further. Climate change irreversible—just a question of WHEN all the ice will gone, not IF it will happen. You mark my words, not only whores and porn cinemas, but one day in our lifetime even pornography will be banned, even masturbation will be banned. Anyone possessing an old black & white photo of a naked woman will be hunted down and ostracised like a pariah. Thus the emasculation, castration (Islamisation?) of Europe runs out of control. 102 already. The atmosphere today in Brussels so much lighter and more at ease than my last visit—in the immediate aftermath of the bombings. The grief and fear was thick in the air back then. Lighter now, soldiers still patrolling in twos all around Midi Station. A reassuring sight; whether they make much of a difference or not, a reassuring sight.

A very attractive black-haired policewoman going down the road puffing on a cigarette. I don’t think the Metropolitan Police are allowed to do that

A very attractive black-haired policewoman going down the road, puffing on a cigarette. I don’t think the Metropolitan Police are allowed to do that. The fact that I’m sure the WSK hookers’ days’ are numbered might prompt me to return to Vienna much sooner than I otherwise might have. Is another of my favourite naughty places really about to bite the dust. I lost Fortuna Kino and Flying Scotsman in 2015. Surely I will lose WSK and Rue des Commercants at some point this year. I think as well as the emasculation, puritanisation, sterilisation, castration of old masculine Europe, we can say we are seeing the Islamisation of Europe. The French minister who brought in the law criminalising men who use prostitutes was Najat Belkacem, of Moroccan muslim stock. The mayor of Brussels Sint-Joost who has made the window girls close down at 11pm at night and on Sundays is Emir Kir, another person of Muslim faith. It was that —- Lutfur Rahman who stopped the male strippers at that White Swan gay pub in Tower Hamlets. Even Paul Convery who shut down every porn cinema in Islington & tried so hard every year to shut down the Flying Scotsman is married to a Muslim woman. I’m not sure who provoked the police raids of Fortuna Kino after all these years of harmless naughty fun but one would not be surprised to see an increased Muslim representation in the local Vienna government. This despite the fact when you walk up and down the windows of Rue d’Aerschot, probably 90% of the men around you are Muslim; about 50% of the men I see in Fifth Avenue are Muslim. When I am back in London, I could walk around the corner and have a pint in the Scottish Stores, the Flying Scotsman as was; how depressing would that be. Is there anything more depressing than seeing an establishment where I enjoyed some of the greatest naughty highs of my life, the “high nights that persuade us to put off suicide”, now turned into “respectable” establishments. All those crushingly depressing cocktail bars and sports bars in Stuttgarter Platz, the Gelado Cocktail Bar which once was Mon Cheri, Albert’s Bar which once was Starlight, Night Dreams and Golden Gate, etc, etc. All the sperm that was ejaculated in those bedrooms, all the orgasms, all the sexual spiritual highs.

Here I am at the Molenbeek Hilton. Having a Molotov Cocktail in the bar

Here I am, at the Molenbeek Hilton. Having a Molotov Cocktail in the bar. Beatrice was wearing a white coat, black leggings & a red/black lumberjack shirt, and funnily enough in the window of Bimbo beneath me I see the same kind of lumberjack shirt; I bet she bought it there; yesterday I saw 3 women who I thought were hookers going in and looking at stuff, before heading back to their spot and sure enough I saw the 3 of them in the street later. I will miss the street girls if they are indeed banned from the area (Alhambra, I only recently discovered, though it is not marked as such on any map I have seen) as the Mayor intends. A little bit of sex adds such colour & life to a city. Sterilisation, sterilisation, sterilisation. Castration. Emasculation. Whores have been the lifeblood of so much European art & literature & music down the centuries. The sterilisation of Europe is a sign of our cultural decline & enfeeblement. A healthy society can cope with sexuality, eroticism, red in tooth & claw, and should not cower in fear from it. Every time I look up from my notepaper, I see another casually stunning Brussels woman passing beneath my window. Better than any pornography. I hope Belgian men realise how lucky they are. When, when, when, am I going to go to Italy? Christ they go on & on. The women of Brussels really are mindblowing.