Every thing that afflicts you leads you in dealing with the affliction to finding a cure that not only cures the affliction but leads you to being much better off than you were before

Every thing that afflicts you, leads you in dealing with the affliction to finding a cure that not only cures the affliction, but leads you to being much better off than you were before. You are forced to discover new ways of doing things, of living, which makes your life much better than you were, than you would have been without the affliction. My alopecia which was such a horrible thing to happen led to me buying the hair clippers and realising I can keep my hair as short as I want it every day, myself, permanently! My inability to maintain erections when drunk beyond a certain point led to me trying ——, and discovering how fantastic it is to have better erections than ever before and how amazing it feels as you feel it taking effect. The war that people unleashed on me in late 1998 led to me finally forming my first coherent body of work in Autismus, Lotta, etc. Finding my voice; the hatred raged against me was the Bessemer furnace in which I finally forged my writing voice, and gave me the eureka moment of discovering how I wanted to write.

Memories of this year

Memories of this year,without checking: that incredible handjob from Manuela in Burggasse Peep. The best handjob ever, and I came TWICE. Never happened before. I never saw her name on the website after that day; did receiving a glob of my —– on her face make her want to give up?! The massive erections I had in 5th Avenue with Betty, and Lucy, and going to room with Lucy. First meeting and —- with Jackie in WSK. —- dancing fully naked for me, no shoes, no stockings, no nothing, and letting me touch her tits, and press my erection against her. —-‘s arse in that black thong. Adelina in Manhattan.

Well let’s face it if I wanted to go back the best time is this coming week!

Well let’s face it if I wanted to go back the best time is this coming week! I have got the Saturday off as well. So could go Wednesday morning, come back Friday night?? CHECK BANK WHEN I GET HOME. I still have 200 euros in my pocket and that would get me through 2 whole days in Brussels. The turning away from Vienna (and Berlin & Munich) actually frees me up to go to Brussels much more often and intensely. The last several visits have ALL been sexually intense, erections bulging in trousers with Betty, Lucy, Emily, that Paola in the street, Beatrice. Cine Paris, Rue des C and 5th Avenue unlikely to be targeted you would have thought. Wouldn’t feel safe in Brussels Grill though. FULL of American tourists from the big surrounding hotels. Have to forego that pleasure I am afraid.

The raw CARNALITY of Brussels this time was fantastic

The raw CARNALITY of Brussels this time was fantastic. My cock in hands of little Bulgarian Emily, getting my massive erection out in front of Brazilian Betty. The eye contact with black ponytail in Le Coin giving me erection. The full erections on every visit to Cine Paris. So tempted by black Bridget, giving in to Beatrice.

The carnality of the visit was great though

The carnality of the visit was great though, strong erections in Cine Paris Thursday then in Le Coin with that little bit of eye contact, then massive erections with Emily and Betty in 5th Avenue, then in the videokabins watching Arianna Sinn, then Friday again in Cine Paris and by time I got in room with Beatrice I already had full erection. Then all the time in bed I had full erection too. So very very pleasurable from that point of view. I got through 4 —— for just 1 sex, but for the quality of my erections, and the pleasure letting Emily and Betty feel my erections, it was worth taking one every day. Even without sex, to feel a full erection is a pleasurable feeling.