So my epic walk across Brussels turned into an epic failure as I think we all knew it would

So my epic walk across Brussels turned into an epic failure, as I think we all knew it would. After Cine Paris till closing time, I found Club L’Intime easy enough. Small bar, 2 girls, champagne 30 euros, private dance 50 euros, private moment 1 hour 200 euros. Then I headed towards Grand Place looking for Reves Table Dance. I never found it. The streets around Grand Place are an absolute warren; like entering the Minotaur’s maze. Turning left & right, backward & forwards, retracing my steps over & over, I was by now already hot and sweating, and hungry, so I gave up; grabbed a McDonald’s then bed. Rue de Livourne can be my mission for next time, but I will stick to my original plan—go the long way around but stick to the big straight roads—straight along Boulevard du Jardin Botanique then straight down the Rue Royale to Justice Palace, then straight down Avenue Louise to Rue de Livourne. Trying to cut through the centre of Brussels was always going to end in disaster.

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The little back streets of Brussels are SO beautiful

The little back streets of Brussels are SO beautiful. London has a higgledy-piggledy collection of lanes and alleyways but they are rarely as beautiful as the maze-like little back streets of Brussels, all around the Grand Place, Bourse, opera. Charming charming bars, restaurants, everything else. A pleasure just to meander around these lanes. I rarely find the place I was looking for but enjoy somewhere else instead. Looking for Six Nations Irish pub I find Churchill’s ENGLISH pub. A Scouse-run pub I would guess, by his accent, and he kindly directed me on to the 6 Nations afterwards. Two more brown cap soldiers walking past the 6 Nations. 2,40 for a small Maes in here, 4,60 for a pint. Obviously no bar I’ve ever been in compares with the Celtica’s 1 euro for a small beer and 2 euros for a pint. Incredibly it’s quarter past 1 and I still don’t feel hungry. That burger & chips late last night must have filled me up.