LEMO – Der Himmel über Wien


A beautiful blazing blue-skied Spring day in Vienna

A beautiful blazing blue-skied Spring day in Vienna. I felt so turned on with Denisa in Manhattan on Thursday night and so turned on with busty blonde Claudia in Tete a Tete on Thursday night, but when I went back to both places Friday night I felt nothing for either of them. I can’t help thinking it is being forced to vacate the Dorint and decamp to the Ibis has totally ruined my mojo. The Ibis is a perfectly nice hotel but it does not feel like home like the Dorint does.

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So on our way to Wien 4 hours 39 minutes away. A grey cloudy morning

So on our way to Wien, 4 hours 39 minutes away. A grey cloudy morning. My mood slightly improved from 24 hours earlier. I went out after 9pm and found the Hot Legs strip club/videokabins/peepshow was completely closed down! Another one gone. So the ice retreats. I went in Caribic opposite (proper name Stage 2000) and they have very good videokabins. Upstairs in the strip club (now called Crystals Tabledance) there was only one other customer, and 5 or 6 skinny looking girls. I left after one beer and I could not finish it fast enough. If you like Browns or Horns you might like Crystals but it is not for me. The Sterntaler Bar (scene of my legendary encounter with the mega-bosomed Martina years ago) was still there but its door was locked so not sure if that is still in business or not. Then I started my long walk along the windows of Frauentormauer. My god, the quality of the girls is stunning. If I rate Brussels Rue d’Aerschot as a 9, then Frauentormauer must be a 9.5. I did not stop as I was really keen to go to Cabaret Bella Napoli which is at the very end of the wall. As always it had some nice looking girls and they strip NAKED—the only club in Belgium, Germany or Austria I have found where they take their knickers off as well. I queried this with one of the girls and she said “that is because this is a CABARET, not a tabledance club”. Oh. Then I wish there were more cabaret clubs. Drink for the girl is 38 euros, a private dance is 50 euros. I did not indulge this time, as I preferred to keep my powder dry for Vienna, but might on the way back; although I just realised I will be back in Nuremberg on Sunday and I do not think they open on Sundays. Back to the station for a roll and a McDonald’s, then to bed. Certainly I will enjoy the Caribic videokabins and Frauentormauer windows on my return.